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Welcome to the official website of JCC Engineering

JCC ENGINEERING LTD is an engineering company, activated in the field of implementation of industrial projects and infrastructure works by providing a wide range of services including:

It is staffed by highly qualified personnel (Engineers, Draftsmen and Administrative personnel) and supported by outside experts and consultants as the individual projects require.

It employs the latest technology in computer design (market and proprietary design software) and it is familiar with the most of the worldwide used codes, norms and specifications.

The fundamental values of JCC ENGINEERING LTD are :

  • Wide and in depth technical knowledge
  • Broad Experience
  • High quality of services
  • Timely delivery
  • Flexibility in responding to Customer requirements

JCC ENGINEERING provides high quality and at low cost detail engineering services including technical studies and consulting for the refining and the chemical industry, as well as industries related with energy as described below:

  • Mechanical Design of:
    • Pressure Vessels in accordance with ASME Code , BS , AD Merkblatter, CODAPand PED/97/23/EC
    • Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers in accordance with TEMA standards
    • Storage Tanks in accordance with API 650 & 620, AWWA, BS, DIN and EUROCODE
    • Condensers and preheaters in accordance with HEI

  • Thermal Design of Heat Exchangers
  • Outline Fabrication Drawings
  • Steel Structure Design
  • Detail Code Reports for Piping in accordance with ANSI Series including Piping Stress Analysis.
  • Piping Lay-outs and Isometrics
  • Preparation of:
    • Equipment Specifications
    • Welding Maps and Procedures
    • Inspection Plans and Data Books
  • Material Requisitions
  • Material Protection Specifications
  • Technical Bid Evaluation

JCC Engineering, based on the great experience of its staff and know how, acquired through its cooperation with several International Firms, provides Project Management Services assuring coordination, direction, management and control to all interested parties towards Optimum project implementation.

Such services include:

  • Definition of Project Requirements
    • Work Statement
    • Specifications
    • End-Item Definition
    • Inspection and Acceptance
    • Schedule and Milestone Information
    • Status Reporting
    • Terms and Conditions
  • Project Organization Interface
  • Preparation of Project Plans
    • Engineering Release Plans
    • Manufacturing Plan
    • Critical Task Plan
  • Subcontract Management
    • Requirements Definition
    • Subcontractors Evaluation
    • Source Inspection
    • Subcontract Implementation Follow up
  • Cost and Budget Control
    • Preparation of Detail Budget
    • Cost Studies
    • Cash Flow Milestones
  • Monitoring and Reporting

The Quality Services, which are provided by JCC Engineering, are tailored to the specific nature and the objectives of the Customer or the project. These services, which are listed bellow, cover a wide range of applications including the quality assurance of products, as well as services.

  • Development and Implementation of Quality Management Systems
    • Diagnostic Studies
    • Preparation of Quality Management Manuals
    • Preparation of Operating and Control Procedures
    • Personnel Training
    • Preparation for Certification
  • Inspections
    • Source Inspection
    • Source Evaluation
    • Failure Analysis
    • Non Destructive Examination
    • Statistical Process Control
  • Continuous Improvement Programs
    • C.I.P. Organisation Structure set up
    • Definition of the Company Mission Statement
    • Identification of Improvement Opportunities
    • Establishment of Improvement Criteria
    • Training

JCC Engineering based on its deep knowledge of the Greek market, its indisputable know how and its enhanced image in the market, has developed permanent and/or on project basis relations for the representation of very well known International firms within Greece and the neighbouring area. Within the frame of this relationship JCC Engineering:

  • Uses its best endeavours to promote and increase their sales within Greece
  • Introduces them in new Customers.
  • Collects their Inquiries.
  • Guides them in the preparation of their proposals.
  • Coordinates their cooperation with local subcontractors.
  • Supports them in collecting credits, including Invoices, Bid Bonds and Performance Guarantees.
  • Provides engineering and Project Management Services.

The following Firms with the respective products are currently represented by JCC Engineering:

  • Vergaengineering S.p.A. (Fired Heaters, Heat Recovery Systems,Gas Incinerators)
  • Paresa S.p.A. (Fuel Storage Tanks, Spherical Pressure Vessels)
  • NOOTER/ERIKSEN s.r.l. (Heat Recovery Steam Generators)
  • Alpina s.r.l. (Hydroelectric Power Plants, Water Technology)
  • SWS s.r.l. (Water Treatment)
  • PENSOTTI-IDROTERMICI S.p.A. (Boilers, Heat Recovery Steam Generators, Gas Incinerators)

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